We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them
— Albert Einstein

Know and Do Limited (Know+Do) was founded in 2010 to help businesses flourish by solving the problems that their leaders faced. Our mission is to live out our name: ‘KNOW’ and ‘DO’.

Our team creates value by helping leaders access the knowledge they need and then apply it to best effect. How we do this is unique to each client, we work with some businesses for just a few hours to achieve a change of plan. For others we are retained to influence their teams and strategies for many years. We always leave our clients with the tools and confidence to take action and create success.

We inspire the performance of the people and make the processes and strategies in a business work better.

Most importantly, everything we do we demonstrate our company values. These provide the framework by which we act and the attitude we hold. Our expertise focuses upon making the client more successful and removing their problem, so to do this with high quality we:

Purpose driven

We take time to understand the reasons for action, so we can better measure success.

Fundamentals first

We seek to identify the core issues in any situation and simplify the actions needed to create the right change.

Empowering mindset

We know great communication is key; that leaders cannot succeed without influencing and inspiring others.

Integrity of action

We honour our commitments and act honestly; clients value our perspective even when we challenge their assumptions.

Sharing knowledge

We give our knowledge to build trust and raise the confidence of others.