How we help your people thrive!

Know+Do’s team is highly experience at inspiring and motivating people. We are calm, astute and great at listening to people to find the best solution to suit their skills and context. We make the complex seem clear, as we share the right knowledge clients need to raise their performance.


Companies engage us to support their people through a number of services:



Our Impact Package is a short, focused audit of in-depth support. We can work with an individual leader or small team over 2-4 weeks to understand a problem, explore all options and set actions for change. We add knowledge, share insight and create confidence to act wisely.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is a great way for an individual to get bespoke support to understand how to tackle an issue they face and cascade confidence to their colleagues. We can work on or off site matching you to a great coach who will challenge and inspire action!


We offer Training on a range of topics to enhance communication skills (for example: Coaching, Difficult Conversations, Facilitation, Mentoring, Negotiation) and high performance (for example: Great Teams, Inspiring Leadership, Motivating Others)

I have worked with several coaches over the years with a varying degree of success, never had one radically changed the way the way I looked at business and life until now. Know+Do’s probing questions and guidance has helped turned my business round. I now make more money and have more time on my hands than I have ever had before.
A brilliant session! Incredibly effective at sales. Changed my mindset significantly. I now have a different way of looking at sales & I understand how to implement the different strategies to do it more efficiently