How we enable your processes to work well!

We are experienced at finding the right tools your company needs to create effective processes in your business. Using our tried and tested models of assessment we break down the tasks you need to achieve into clear steps and drive relentless, consistent application of what works.


Companies engage us to support their people through a number of services:



Our Impact Package is a short, focused audit of in-depth support. We can work with an individual leader or small team over 2-4 weeks to understand a problem, explore all options and set actions for change. Using our tried and tested models we add knowledge, share insight and create confidence to act wisely.

Strategic Consultancy

We provide Strategic Consultancy to work alongside your leaders and craft new plans and strategies as your business needs. Often this connects to marketing and sales or strategic reviews of a marketplace.  We assess your business capabilities and advantages, setting and sharing processes to achieve your goals.

Project Management

When more intensive support is needed can offer short or long term Project Management support providing interim leadership, new programme management. Our people can quickly adapt to company cultures and values, bringing a balance of trust, rapport and expert insight to drive change.

Know and Do have provided a framework for growth which our Directors can use to advance our services. It has sharpened our strategic thinking & supported me as CEO to critically assess the future of our organisation.
It all makes sense now. Although I’ve built this business I had not seen how to share my knowledge with the team & build systems around me that let us grow. This is going to be a great year!