Planning A Great Team

Team leaders are responsible for creating the conditions that allow great teams to flourish. Such a responsibility is not fulfilled by just learning a formula. It is a dynamic environment with constant movement, requiring re-assessment of expectations and adjustment if actions. So, to help leaders we share the ‘T.E.A.M.’ model as it enables a plan to form as to how to support a group to work at a higher level together

It’s Not What You Say, It’s The Way That You Say It

I remember an occasion when the CEO of a company I worked for addressed their workforce. The tone of voice, style of delivery and body language was so out of place that the people in the audience (including me) literally started laughing at some of the things he said. I noticed that in the Deputy CEO's message, she said very similar things as the CEO. However, it was how she spoke that changed how it was received.

How You Can Be A Problem Solver

A workplace leader needs to move people through a process so that progress can be made and change can be implemented. If not, a team focused on a problem can stay stuck in awareness of the issue, rather than moving through it into a productive pattern of solutions. The simple, but practical process, I have seen utilised is to move the sharing and response to a problem through 3 stages of questioning:

4 Ways You Can Be A Daily Problem Solver

If you're a senior decision maker in your business you will be someone people look towards to solve problems. With this role comes the responsibility of leadership. You may be able to find answers when you are new to the role or your team but no one person has an endless supply of solutions for all situations. I get to work with many successful leaders and there are a few common traits I've seen in others that enable them to sustain their effectiveness as problem solvers.

A Checklist for Better Presentations

I recently attended a well-established business event. There were over 100 businesses in the room. After a reviving coffee, I took my seat to listen to the speakers. By the second one I wished I was elsewhere.  Public speaking is not easy but it gets easier the more you practice. In this article I'll show you a checklist to be better prepared for your presentations and encourage you to invest in getting better to be more successful.