Do I Need a Coach?

Michael Johnson, Gold Medal Olympian

Michael Johnson, Gold Medal Olympian

As a coach I’m tempted to say, "Of course you do and hire me". The fact is that at different times in our lives we could all achieve more with effective coaching. That’s not to say you wouldn’t achieve success without a coach, but many of my clients point to the fact that coaching helps them achieve much more in a shorter space of time.

I remember having the pleasure of seeing the ex-World Champion and Gold medal winning Olympian Michael Johnson talk at a BBC Sport event. He said, "the great thing about you guys is win or lose you cheer for your team". He then added that, "the worst thing about you guys is that win or lose you cheer for your team". The point he was trying to make was - if you have the potential to win, expect to win. Do the work that’s necessary and be the best that you can be but do not accept avoidable failure.

I love seeing him commentating on TV as he is so knowledgeable about his event. He gives very in-depth analysis about how a race was won or lost. He pulls no punches and says when he expects an athlete should have done better. He is an athlete who pioneered small progressions in his quest to the top. He worked with the best people to seek marginal gains across all aspects of his sport. He used a wide range of coaches and experts such as sports psychologists, nutritionists, strength and conditioning, sports bio-mechanics, rehabilitation therapists, sprint coaches, and clothing technologists to achieve his goal.

It must be remembered that his domination of the sport was so total that his 400m world record of 43.18 seconds stood from 1999 until it was beaten in 2016 at the Rio Olympics by the South African sprinter Wayde van Niekerk. An unbelievable feat in the modern era.

An athlete like Michael Johnson wasn’t extraordinarily genetically gifted. Rather he had a goal and he gathered the right coaches and put together a plan to achieve the goal. He also executed the plan, learning all the time.

Most major successful sports stars have coaches for different areas of their game. They seek to ensure that they maximise their potential over their lifetime. Why is it then that so few business people use the same approach? Any successful business person will quite happily tell you of the mistakes they made along the way. Those who use coaches will normally admit they made fewer mistakes and more money when they employed the right coach.

"Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains
after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones"
Benjamin Franklin

A coach will help you figure out what you want and works best for you. They will hold you accountable in a way that is different than self-accountability. A coach will never judge you but they will challenge you to be a better you. A coach will listen to your dreams and your fears. They will provide a safe space for you to reflect and explore. A coach will help you have a better conversation with yourself and to tune into what is really important for you to be more successful.

Do you need a coach? Yes, if you want to enjoy more out of life. The road ahead is not always clear and at different times you may have different needs and challenges, a coach can help you steer through any roadblocks and enjoy the drive at the same time. A coach helps you with both the journey and the destination.

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