At Know+Do we are experts at working with leaders to help them gain clarity, work smarter and enable their teams to achieve success.

As a leader in education you matter, just like all the children in your school do. How you are supported and develop as a leader has an impact on all the children and staff in your school. Through our Headspace Coaching we can help you create dedicated time in your day, in a cost effective manner, to enable you to think strategically and lead more effectively.

Our Headspace Coaching offers you a series of calm conversations in 3 meetings with a highly trained coach to work through any problems clouding your work or set in order new opportunities you want to develop. It is a non-judgemental space, where you choose the topics, we ask great questions and you get the tools to re-set plans and take immediate action.

To discuss how we can suppport you or to place a booking contact our team on:
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have published a number of blogs on coaching which share its structure and value - click here to search our coaching catalogue. To help education leaders in particular we have also answered some common questions on our Headspace Coaching below:

What is coaching?

A dedicated, private time for you to examine any issues or questions you have related to your role as a leader. It is a non-judgemental space in which our coach uses great questions to identify how you can better understand and then respond to the focus of the session. You are in charge of how much we discuss and what topics you chose to focus on.

Why would coaching help me?

Our coaches are highly experienced at supporting leaders in many sectors and we understand the pressures and responsibilities you face. Our skill is in bringing the right models and templates into the conversation to address the issues and questions you have. We leave you with resources to use again, and share with colleagues, after a session. The coaching will provide you with clearer thinking and defined actions to be more productive and effective in your role.

Who is the coach?

We have two coaches - Andrew and Bernard - who can work with you. Each one has more than 20 years experience at leading organisations and teams, working not only in the education sector but also across businesses, public policy and social enterprise. They bring a wealth of experience and new perspectives to share with you.

When and where does it happen?

We are flexible, coaching can be in your office at school or booked in a nearby venue such as hotel lounge (for those further aware from our location we can arrange online meetings). Timings are agreed to suit each person, some clients like early morning meetings, some in school hours, still others prefer the evenings. Sessions last for at least one hour and often the first session for 2 to 3 hours; it all depends on your preferences. We normally arrange 3 coaching sessions with someone to begin with, as this allows a clear focus to sessions; hereafter you decide if you or your team need additional input.

Will I like it?

We hope so but it goes beyond liking. Client feedback, in our many years of operation, tell us leaders benefit greatly from the coaching but that means we do sometimes need to ask challenging questions. As nice as it can be to talk, our interest is in building your leadership capability to understand and drive the right change in your school, that means we must make effective use of your time and ours in every session.

Can you coach more than one person?

Yes, we do. Some schools ask for coaching with a number of senior staff (e.g. a Headteacher and their Senior Leadership Team). When this is needed we can block book sessions all on one day to make the price more cost effective per session. Each session is still kept confidential so everyone can trust their coach and focus the session in a way that best suits their needs.

Do you offer more than coaching?

Yes, coaching is an effective tool to help busy leaders be more productive but as a school leader you work with a team of skilled professionals under great pressure; often further support is needed. We are experienced at supporting leadership teams with bespoke training, e.g. how to conduct difficult conversations, negotiation, assertiveness or raise the performance of teams, and can share with you resources to further support yourself and your deputy/ies or SLT. We can also work across a partnership of schools or Academies and train leaders to cascade coaching techniques to their colleagues.