Mentoring Podcast

UK Fast mentor panel.jpg

We were delighted to be asked to join the UK Fast team on a podcast to promote mentoring yesterday.

Andrew Ramwell trains the business mentors on the Tech Manchester scale up programme, which support news businesses in Greater Manchester by matching them to experienced pro-bono mentors. He is also contracted by the NHS to train senior clinicians in how to mentor staff returning to work after long periods of absence.

Joining a panel of Arlene Bulfin (UK Fast), Patricia Keating (Tech Manchester), Claire-Marie Boggiano (Lurig) and Lisa Murgatroyd (One Million Mentors) Andrew discussed how to inspire more mentors, train great mentors and maximise the help for the mentees.

“I am passionate about raising awareness of mentoring,” shared Andrew. “Early on in my career I benefited from a great mentor and now I pay that gift forward in mentoring with others.” He went on to highlight how the workplace environment is changing rapidly and the value in having someone you trust to explore your challenges and hold you to account can help people succeed.

Over the hour the panel shared in-depth their experience of being mentors and making mentors. Afterwards Andrew joined a new round of mentors to lead the afternoon training session.

For more information on the value of mentoring contact Andrew on or call him on 0161 2804567.