Is Your Senior Management Team Pointless?

Last year a company I know well that was growing and achieving high quality was broadsided by an external force that took away its profitability overnight. They had a senior management team of skilled, experienced and clever people. However, that team crumbled under the issue. Eventually just one was left and they've faced things head on and rescued the business.

4 Tips to Improve Your Presentations

Communicating well to internal audiences and externally comes to the fore when one takes on management and leadership responsibility. Yet, despite the growing awareness of the impact of engaging presentations the message is not getting through. So, I thought I’d share my 4 tips to improving presentations.

4 Words You Need to Lead a High Performing Team

Managing people is a constantly evolving task for any leader, whether you work with just 2 people or 2,000. As leader, you have a responsibility to create the right conditions for your teams to flourish, to facilitate their success. I learnt some years ago 4 words that can guide a leader to transform a team of people.

The Passing of a Coaching giant - Sir John Whitmore (1937-2017)

The coaching world has lost a great character and driving force with the passing of Sir John Whitmore. Throughout his career he was a tireless advocate for the profession of coaching, and ensuring quality and rigor in its application. Outside of coaching his name might not be instantly recognisable but his legacy is assured as the co-creator of the GROW coaching model.

Coaching and Other Disciplines

In my previous post, I introduced the notion of differences between coaching, mentoring and other related disciplines. I’ve had several comments from people asking to help clarify this further. There are plenty of books that deal with the subject in-depth and my intention here is to provide an overview to help position where coaching sits.